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Wellslock Eliminates Waste, Reduces Carbon Footprint with One Lock.

You probably haven’t given much thought to the containers you use to store food. Maybe your mom handed down some of her old pieces or you picked up a few at the dollar store. Or maybe you just reuse the containers that the restaurant gave you to take home your leftovers. Perhaps the only time you pay attention is when the food inside these containers goes bad or you drop the container spilling the food and sauce all over the kitchen floor.  

The food storage container industry wants to enhance these food storage experiences with its eco-friendly and sophisticated solutions. By combining innovation and technology, Wellslock has created a new type of food container with a unique and simple locking mechanism for various commercial and household applications.  In addition to making everyday life easier, this new container also reduces environmental impact and carbon footprint on the planet by using eco-friendly materials.  Simply stated, Wellslock’s commercial-grade containers, designed by a former Samsung SDS CO., LTD head product engineer, may be the last food storage containers you will ever buy.

Wellslock created the world's first single-latch storage container, with lids that glide into place.

With patents in nine countries (and patents pending in over 30 countries), this unique construction not only makes opening and closing containers easier and quicker, but the design ensures an airtight seal, prevents moisture retention and extends food freshness and shelf life. The restaurant-grade and BPA-free containers stay latched and are leak proof.  The lid has one latch that is secured to the container; they remain intact even when dropped -- proving its durability.

“We wanted to prove that everyday household products could be simplified without compromising quality, durability or sustainability,” said Hongsik Koo, Wellslock product inventor, and founder.

Wellslock containers, currently available in nine sizes, are easier to wash and stack in the dishwasher and on kitchen cabinet shelves with only one wing (compared to the traditional two- and four-tabbed containers). Unlike other products, Wellslock storage containers do not absorb stains from foods and coloring agents.

Wellslock will appear at the National Restaurant Association Show 2018 in Chicago, May 19-22. To learn more about Wellslock, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

About Wellslock

Wellslock provides innovative and creative storage container and locking solutions for commercial and household applications. With patents in nine countries (and patents pending in another 30 countries), Wellslock technologies include various sized commercial/restaurant-grade food storage containers that feature lids which slide into place with a single tab locking system. Founded in 2009, Wellslock strives to create sustainable, earth-friendly, high-quality products that improve everyday life while reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint on the planet.