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Wellslock to Steal the Show with their New Commercial Sized Containers at the National Restaurant Association Show!

Wellslock, known for manufacturing food storage sizes for convenient everyday use, will introduce their new commercial-sized containers to the big leagues at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago on May 19, 2018. The NRA Show is the international foodservice marketplace; providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to position their business towards success.

Their innovative designs for an eco-friendly world have captured the imagination of everyone in the restaurant industry. Wellslock food containers are renowned for being leak-proof, air-tight, and durable with high impact strength. They already have patents in nine countries, with patents pending in another 30 countries worldwide. A spokesperson from Wellslock was very upbeat about the launch of the new commercial size containers, and had this to say to visitors attending the NRA Show in Chicago:

“Wellslock Technologies is at the forefront of manufacturing different sized commercial/restaurant grade food storage containers, which feature lids that instantly lock into place, along with spacing-saving features. We are committed to making a difference in everyday life and reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact on the planet. Our plan is to debut our newly released commercial industrial & health/beauty containers will be launched at the National Restaurant Association Show in May. We are super-excited about that prospect, we believe that these new restaurant grade food containers are going to impact the restaurant industry in a big way!”

If you are looking for new innovative solutions to store food in the restaurant business, Wellslock will be located in Booth 9039 at Lakeside Center on McCormick Place to answer any questions.

About Wellslock

Founded in 2009, Wellslock strives to create sustainable, earth-friendly, high-quality products that improve everyday life while reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint on the planet. Wellslock provides innovative and creative storage container and locking solutions for commercial and household applications.